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Historical Memoirs

Funding for Historical Memoirs: The Osteopathic Hospital of Maine/Brighton Medical Center, 1935-1998 was provided by the Osteopathic Heritage Fund.

The Osteopathic Heritage Fund was created by the boards of trustees of Brighton Medical Center and Maine Medical Center at the time of their merger. Income is expended annually to:

recognize and promote the heritage of Brighton Medical Center and of osteopathic medicine generally,

provide resources for osteopathic continuing medical education, and

promote collegial interactions between osteopathic and allopathic physicians.

An advisory committee of former Brighton trustees and physicians, with the support of staff from MaineHealth, commissions projects, workshops, and conferences, and provides funding for projects and events developed by other organizations or institutions that further the efforts to which the Fund is dedicated.

Contributions to the Fund and orders for additional copies of Historical Memoirs may be directed to:

The Osteopathic Heritage Fund

c/o MaineHealth

465 Congress St., Suite 600

Portland, ME 04101-3537

Donations are fully deductible to the extent allowed by law.

~The following images are just some of the pictures you will find in the 224 page Memoirs book~

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Osteopathic Hospital of Maine 1937-1940, 166 Pleasant Ave, Portland

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Nine of the eleven physicians who on July 10, 1935, formally incorporated as "proprietors of a social educational and benevolent association to be known as THE OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL OF MAINE, INC."

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Osteopathic Hospital of Maine, 335 Brighton Ave, Portland, 1946

ohm201.jpg (75304 bytes)

ohm003.jpg (46696 bytes)

Construction of the first new wing of the hospital, 1948-1952

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ohm009.jpg (85048 bytes)

The original building and construction of the new wing added in the early 1950's.

ohm203.jpg (84460 bytes)

ohm010.jpg (55297 bytes)

In 1958, the front  of the original building was razed to make way for a new entrance to the hospital.

ohm204.jpg (77732 bytes)

ohm011.jpg (73278 bytes)

In 1961, the remaining section of the original frame building that housed the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine was replaced with a modern new wing.  To the right of the building is the former carriage house, used over the years for a variety of purposes from the x-ray department to housing for interns to administrative offices.  The carriage house was razed in 1976.

ohm205.jpg (77076 bytes)

ohm005.jpg (48666 bytes)

In 1961, the original frame building was demolished  to make way for an additional wing that housed an auditorium and new patient rooms.

ohm206.jpg (74188 bytes)

ohm012.jpg (81967 bytes)

A massive $8.9 million construction project began in 1972, but money problems and a national freeze on room rates delayed completion until 1976.

ohm006.jpg (40136 bytes)

After years of controversy and financial difficulties, the construction  is finally completed

ohm008.jpg (68861 bytes)

The sign before the change to the  new name..

ohm007.jpg (52982 bytes)

The new name, made official on October 1, 1990.


Parker, Gail Underwood, Historical Memoirs, The osteopathic Hospital of Maine, Brighton Medical Center, 1935-1998, Custom Communications, Saco, Maine.

For information on getting a copy of this book, you may contact Maine Health at 207-775-7001
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